Joining SharePayShop comes with a multitude of benefits, tailored to enhance your overall experience and contribute to your financial well-being. Here are some key advantages:

Expanded Customer Reach:

SharePayShop provides a vast and diverse customer base, offering merchants the opportunity to showcase their products or services to a wide audience. This expanded reach can significantly boost your business visibility and potential customer base.

Earning Opportunities: 

As a member of SharePayShop, you not only gain access to quality products and services but also unlock the potential for extra earnings. Our innovative system rewards your engagement and loyalty, creating additional streams of income for your financial benefit.

Innovative Shopping Experience:  

Benefit from an innovative and user-friendly shopping platform that prioritizes your convenience. Explore a curated selection of products and services, making your shopping experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Flexibility and Control: 

SharePayShop offers flexibility and control over your business endeavors. Whether you're a merchant looking to expand your market or an individual seeking earning opportunities, our platform is designed to adapt to your needs and goals.


Financial Security:

SharePayShop is committed to the well-being of its members. By participating in our platform, you not only enjoy the perks of earning but also have the chance to explore protective measures for financial security, ensuring a holistic approach to your financial health.

Community Engagement:

Joining SharePayShop means becoming part of a vibrant and dynamic community. Connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and collaborate within our supportive network. The community aspect adds a valuable dimension to your overall SharePayShop experience.

Exclusive Promotions and Discounts:

Enjoy exclusive promotions and discounts on a variety of products and services available on SharePayShop. As a member, you have access to special offers, making your purchases even more cost-effective.

Continuous Innovation:

SharePayShop is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Benefit from updates, new features, and evolving opportunities designed to enhance your experience and keep you at the forefront of financial and shopping trends. Join SharePayShop today and unlock a world of benefits that go beyond traditional e-commerce, creating a holistic and rewarding environment for your personal and financial growth!

"Experience the rewarding journey with SharePayShop! Every purchase you make not only brings quality products to your doorstep but also rewards you with valuable points that translate into real earnings. As a loyal customer, your commitment is recognized, and you unlock a host of additional benefits. It's not just shopping; it's an opportunity to earn, save, and enjoy exclusive perks. Join us in redefining the shopping experience - where every purchase counts, and every loyal customer matters!"

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"At SharePayShop, our mission is to empower individuals to buy smart, earn wisely, and enjoy robust protection. We strive to create a seamless and rewarding platform where every purchase is an opportunity to enhance financial well-being. By fostering a dynamic community, we aim to provide our members with not just products but a pathway to financial growth and security."

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5,2 "SharePayShop envisions a future where buying and earning seamlessly intersect, creating a thriving ecosystem of empowered individuals. We aspire to be a catalyst for financial success, where our members not only access quality products but also unlock the potential to earn and build a secure future. Through innovative solutions, we are committed to becoming a trusted companion on the journey to financial well-being for every member of our community."



Founder of Share-Pay-Shop, Business Owner, Network Marketing Leader, Entrepreneur



Co-Founder of Share-Pay-Shop, Network Marketing Leader, Online Marketing and E-commerce Adviser




Membership Program

  Online Account,
  P50,000 Mortuary FUND
  P500 per Day Medical Reimbursement (upto 7 Days)
  Online and Offline Trainings / Support
  Monthly Pension Program
  SignUp Bonus (P640)
  Loyalty Card
  Travel Incentives


Be a SharePayShop MERCHANT

"Unlock unparalleled business opportunities by joining SharePayShop as a merchant! As a merchant partner, you gain access to a vast customer market, presenting your products or services to a diverse and engaged audience. Benefit from our platform's extensive reach, connecting you with potential customers eager to explore what you have to offer. Beyond expanding your market presence, enjoy the prospect of extra earnings through our innovative and rewarding system. Elevate your business to new heights with SharePayShop and seize the chance to grow your customer base while boosting your revenue stream. Apply now and embark on a journey of business success and additional earnings!

“At SharePayShop, we empower our members by enabling seamless transactions. Send money directly member to member, fostering a community-driven economy. Additionally, use your earned income to shop effortlessly on our online store, creating a versatile and integrated experience tailored to your financial needs and lifestyle."

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